August 5, 2014

Three Tips on How You Can Balance Your Life

Why is Balance Important?

Balance in every part of our lives is crucial. In my book, Accept No Trash Talk, I discuss how emotional balance is important to our relationships and to our physical and mental health. In her blog post on, Anastasiya makes several important points about balance:

  • In today’s life of abundance, it’s easy to lose the joy that simple pleasures bring. 
  • Too many of us are looking for the biggest, best things. We want to be entertained in a big way and we want to buy the best of everything. 
  • The “high” effect that we receive from doing, having, or eating the best deteriorates in time.

Balance in our Emotions

In my book, I discuss examples of people that lose control of their emotions when they don’t get what they want. These people may have fits of anger while driving, while at work, or while at school. The American Psychological Association says that such out-of-control anger can affect the overall quality of our lives.

Balance in our Words

It’s important to be aware of what we’re saying. Some people do not seem to choose their words wisely. This can lead to the following results:

  • Their words can be too negative, which may cause people to want to avoid them.
  • The people with whom they interact may feel disrespected.
  • In the end, they may sabotage their own relationships, or careers.

It’s not surprising that people can be uncomfortable around people who do not choose to use positive, encouraging words. There is positive and negative in almost everything and everyone. Dwelling on the negative is an option, not a necessity.

Balance in our Diet

Some scientists compare our bodies to organic machines. If we put junk into them, junk will come out of them. If we don’t give them what we need to function properly, they will probably break down eventually. That means that we must constantly pay attention to what we’re eating and drinking. We must also be aware of what food and beverages are unhealthy for us. For example, I am gluten intolerant, so I cannot eat or drink anything with wheat, rye, or barley in it.

New Health Guide asserts that balance in our diets is important because it can help to prevent disease and infection and promote mental health. This well-rounded diet will include an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

In what area of your life are you working on balance?

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