April 17, 2015

To Caitlin, Inspiration to Humor

This is you, my precious daughter, in one of your joyful moods.
You were dressed for Wacky-Tacky Day at your high school.
This image shows one side of a multi-faceted personality.
What can you teach me?

There’s a time and a place for intensity as well as humor.
A balanced individual will incorporate many aspects of life:
music, sports, academics, spirituality, and domestic skills.
We must incorporate both seriousness and humor into all of these.

Thank you for showing me I am not only a serious person.
Now, I embrace all aspects of myself.
I am not just a responsible mom.
“Me” also includes an inner child to be nurtured.


I like myself here.
I like myself there.
I like myself everywhere.
As a mom
Reading a psalm
Watching a sitcom

Thanks, my sweet daughter!

What do you learn from loved ones?


  1. Replies
    1. HI, Okala. Thanks so much for reading! Thanks, also, for your kind comment! I appreciate it more than I can say!

  2. that was a cute snap! It's the kids who show us, that we as adults also have a kid hidden in us.

    1. Hi, Ajay. Thanks for reading! You're right. Kids do show us our inner child.

  3. Real nice article Traci, I enjoyed it.

    1. Hi, Peter. Thanks for reading! Thanks, also, for your compliment! I appreciate your time!

  4. Real nice article Traci, I enjoyed it.