April 15, 2015

Top Reason--Commitment Despite the Odds

Now, kitty cats aren’t known for outstanding feats of gymnastics. We enjoy cuddling and playing with them. Their job is to make us smile and feel loved. Yet, the feline in the image above Is absolutely determined to show off his “upper body strength”. 

The little guy doesn’t care what the data, or his feelings say.  He isn’t concerned there’s no precedent for kittens doing pull ups. This cat made a plan and he’s sticking with it…no matter what.

In this day of disposable jobs, relationships, and material goods, it’s not always easy to stay committed. Trauma can upset our routine at any time. When we go through trials, we don’t feel as though we want to remain determined. That’s why we have to go beyond our feelings. I have ongoing obligations I feel compelled to keep even when I feel sick, exhausted, sad, and unworthy.  Here is a partial list:
  • Wife 
  • Mother 
  • Pianist for my kids’ church 
  • Volunteer at the middle school library in my school district
(Of course, the positions of “wife” and “mother” include a number of responsibilities. I just didn’t type them all.)

I have taken on some freelance writing and editing jobs lately. Obviously, they aren’t always easy and entertaining. Also, I have constant health struggles. Yet, a commitment is a commitment; I keep them.

The Result of Fulfilling Obligations

The consequences of fulfilling responsibilities are peace and a feeling of satisfaction. Our self-image may be boosted as well. Great effort brings great rewards.

My Conclusion

No excuses are allowed! I could give you plenty of reasons why I shouldn’t be able to meet the demands placed on me; but, I don’t accept them. I’m a kitten doing pull ups in more ways than one.

What commitments do you have?

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