October 18, 2014

"Defeat" Doesn't Mean "Defeated"!

Lately, I have been thinking about the subject of defeat. It is hard for any of us to keep up hope when we have challenges that seem overwhelming. Some obstacles last a long time, and some obstacles are so difficult to endure that we wonder how we'll make it though another day. I have lifelong medical and personal challenges that limit my lifestyle. Yet, I am seeing small improvements daily. I have to content myself with small improvements that include:
  • Energy to accomplish more chores and errands.
  • Desire to work on my talents.
  • Clearer pattern of thinking.
I know two other ladies that are models of not allowing defeat to become permanent:
  • One lady is a breast cancer survivor. Recently, she has been able to return to her regular daily routine after a year of painful, debilitating treatment.
  • Another lady that I know is a recent widow. She has no job, three young children to support, and no life insurance on her late husband. Yet, she continues to attend church, smiling and happy. She trusts that family and friends will take care of her..She's right! Family and friends are taking care of her!

These two ladies are living proof that each of us can rise to a new level by taking life one day at a time. This is exactly the kind of attitude that Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood church,  advocates. He suggests that we make positive self-declarations such as "I may be in defeat, but I'm not defeated."  Since I am not as optimistic a person as Joel Osteen, I might be tempted to revise that quote to "I am not as defeated as I was." However it's worded, the message remains the same: defeat doesn't have to be final.

Do you think that it's possible to overcome obstacles in small steps?


  1. "Do you think that it's possible to overcome obstacles in small steps?" Yes. I also think it is possible to overcome any size obstacle in a single bound.
    I suppose I'm incredibly blessed to have enjoyed good health and had parents who taught me to be positive. I've never had a challenge that seemed overwhelming.
    I sometimes wonder if Stephen Hawking feels the same way.

    1. Hi, FC. You are far ahead of many people who might not have good health and have a hard time being optimistic. What a great attitude you have! Stephen Hawking is an incredible survivor against the odds. I've heard stories about how successful disadvantaged people are more positive than negative--no matter what's going on. Otherwise, how would they survive the constant hardship?