December 31, 2014

Jesus: the Cure for Anxiety

It’s the beginning of another year! Many people are excited to set and meet new goals. On the other hand, some individuals, including myself, feel more like the man in the image below. We’re ready to tear our hair out, or we’re making ourselves sick--literally.

Uncertainty is intimidating to many people. The beginning of a new year is usually uncertain because nobody can accurately predict what will happen in their own lives. We can hope and plan for certain outcomes, but we can’t guarantee them. (For one thing, we cannot control other people.) Much in life doesn’t come with promises. That’s the meaning of “uncertainty”!

Since we have no assurances, what do we have?
We have resilience. We have the power to bounce back. If we’re down, we don’t have to stay down.

We have the power of choice.  We choose our own thoughts; nobody else does. Whatever situation we may be in, we always have control of our thoughts. We have the capacity to choose whether to let anxiety drain our joy and strength.

How can we Strengthen our Thoughts?

We can rely on our supernatural God, who isn’t bound by human rules and strength. He is stronger than any concerns we may have.

God wants us to cast all our cares on Him.

God wants us to go to Him with our requests in a spirit of prayer and thanksgiving.

My Conclusion

The world is far from peaceful. Reports of severe weather, unemployment, corrupt organizations, and man’s inhumanity to man are often in the news. If we don’t see cases of cruelty, we see examples of materialism and selfishness. 

We have nowhere to turn but to Jesus. He can calm our inner storms in the same way as he calmed the turbulent waters of the Sea of Galilee (as shown in the image below.)

How have you found strength in your storms?


  1. Awesome blog/post. Worry is a sin, but we are weak but in those raging wicked storms of life we find ourselves in, isn't awesome that we can look out in the darkness about & see His Glorious hand pulling us to safety! Do we worry? Yes, shame on us! Should we worry? Absolutely not. He will always be there & never leave us alone. Glory to God!

  2. Hi, Darlasue! Thanks so much for your kind comment! It's true that we shouldn't worry. God is always there for us, and we should cast our cares on Him. That doesn't mean that our lives will be perfect.