January 30, 2015

10 Simple Steps to Reach Your Goals

Goals are an important part of everyday life—from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. Our day starts with an ambition to get out of bed. It might end with an ambition to sleep soundly. These can be automatic goals that may not require a lot of planning. (Although, depending on the person, they may not be quite so natural.) On the other hand, there are many objectives that do necessitate forethought: college degrees, promotions at work, a healthy body, and a happy family.

Obviously, there are a number of authorities and books on the subject of working toward objectives. However, I’m partial to books that don’t complicate my life before they simplify them. In the same manner as most people, I appreciate simplicity.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a short, yet practical, self-help book. It’s called New Year’s Resolutions: 10 Powerful Strategies To Make Yours Last all Year Long, by S.M. Alleyne.

What follows is my Amazon review of this wonderful book:

S. M. Alleyne recently achieved a Bachelor of Science in Psychology; her words are proof of her hard-won insight. This book is a great alternative for readers who are looking for a few easy tips on how to improve any area of their lives; not a complicated, complete overhaul of their whole routine.

The author immediately begins by asking readers what’s blocking them from achieving their goals right now; and, where they want to be in a year. From there, she takes us on through the following process: identifying our challenges and dreams; making goals to overcome our shortcomings in order to meet our dreams; and, celebrating each “small” victory that we achieve on the way to long-term success.

The wise counsel of the author includes a number of suggestions, such as: believe in yourself; write down and visualize your specific objectives; break your goals into long-term and short-term plans; and do necessary research.

There are many wonderful quotes and suggestions in this book; I took numerous notes. However, the one quote that stands out is this one: “Real effort is needed before any real change can happen in our lives.” The bonus is that Ms. Alleyne identifies the most productive “effort” needed to reach many common goals.

I recommend this book to absolutely anyone. There are those who insist on gaining insight from only 2-inch thick books written by people with 10 letters behind their names. These are the same people who love to spend hours “simplifying” and organizing their lives. Personally, I don’t feel that way.

Note: I would add a caveat: some “blockages”, literal or figurative, aren’t easy to control.  Some blockages cannot be fixed without serious intervention

My Conclusion

The long and the short of it is that this is a wonderful book for anyone who is prepared to improve themselves, step-by-step, with only a few simple changes in their attitude and routine.

In the end, the wise person will realize that everyone has the capacity to improve; and that each person must take responsibility for their own progress. That’s what this book is for: to empower us take control of our own lives in a straightforward manner.

I’m in; are you?


  1. I've always said, "If you don't know where you're going, you won't know it when you get there."

  2. Thanks, FC! Profound, as usual! Everything worthwhile in life requires some sort of plan. Then, there's the old adage: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."