January 24, 2015

2 Reasons Why We Weren't Born to Fear

I have been thinking about fear quite often lately. For my whole life, I have dealt with fear. However, lately, it seems that a gazillion projects and setbacks have piled on top of each other to make my life full of stress.

Researchers of personality analysis, such as Tim LaHaye, teach the following: some introverted personality types may battle fear continually while outgoing personality types must deal with anger. I’m an introvert; enough said! It’s easier to determine what isn’t worrying me than what is worrying me at any given time—much easier.

In fact, sometimes the fear seems to become a dark force in itself, a wall that literally blocks me from moving forward toward my goals. Those goals may relate to improving my health and finances; or, they may deal with relationships. Lately, a majority of those objectives seem to deal with my fairly new writing career (such as it is): I’m too old, too intense, too unmotivated, too obscure, and too weak in many areas. I’m “too” a whole laundry list of adjectives. That’s what makes how far I’ve come in the past seven months so amazing!

The truth is that I will always fall short if I compare myself to others. There will always be writers that are younger, more assertive, more experienced, and more successful than me.

What is the cure for this insecurity and fear?

The solution is to rely on God’s strength to guide me through whatever He has led me to do. If He leads me to do something, He will provide the strength and resources. In my experience, God rarely empowers me to accomplish my chosen goals in my way and my time. He sees the big picture, and He will lead me in the best (but not usually the easiest) path.

If I was supposed to be a successful writer sooner than this, God would have provided the way.

I have had many wrong patterns of thought to overcome on the road to fulfilling my true passion in life: writing. Most of them involved insecurity, even fear. Now, I realize that God wants us to live in peace, not fear—whatever the circumstances may be.

How have you overcome fears?

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