January 10, 2015

God is Able to Cover our Mistakes

In the same manner as many people, I have made plenty of mistakes in my life. I made some mistakes in ignorance while I made other mistakes with a full knowledge of the unpleasant outcome. However,the result is the same. Mistakes often make messes that need to be cleaned up. Mistakes are likely to create problems, big or small.

What is a Mistake?

Online dictionaries including Merriam-Webster, dictionaryreference.com, and the freedictionary.com define “mistake” this way: an error in action, opinion, or judgment; an error resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness; and, wrong judgment based in confusion, misunderstanding, or poor reasoning.

When a mistake is defined in the manner above, it would be difficult to name a person who has never made an error. Everyone gets confused and acts in poor judgment at times. We all operate with insufficient knowledge and care in certain instances. Many of us allow selfishness to guide our lives as well.

We mess up. We might lose our job, our money, certain relationships, even our health because of our poor choices.

So what can we do? We can allow God to take over.

Luckily, our success in life isn’t dependent on our own actions; it’s dependent on God. 

Joel Osteen says that God makes miracles out of mistakes. Our poor choices can’t stop what God has ordained for us; we aren’t that powerful. God’s mercy is bigger than our poor choices.  He can make greatness out of a great mess.

We are limited in power and imagination, but God isn’t. He can do more for us than we can ever dream.

My Conclusion

God is able, even though we aren’t. Do you question the power of God? I don’t. I have seen too many miracles in my life to question His power. My body and my loved ones don’t usually act according to my wishes. The truth is that I haven’t seen the majority of the victories for which I’ve been hoping.

On the other hand, I know for a fact that I have been protected from many things: malevolent people, accidents, natural disasters, the consequences of poor decisions, and life-threatening health conditions. I see divine protection daily.

How about you? What small miracles have you seen in your life?

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