January 3, 2015

"Hey, Life, Where's MY "Easy" Button?!

Darn it! I am so addicted to comfort, and everything is such hard work! Food must actually be cooked. Books must be read in their entirety to be understood. If I want to learn anything, I must (gasp!) research it. Worst of all…In order to make money, I need to get out of my chair and work. (Actually, in my case, since I am attempting to make money writing, I must sit in my computer chair and start typing.)

What is the world coming to? I expected my life to mirror the ease of the humans’ lives in the Pixar movie, Wall-E. The characters were unhealthy in every way because they always rode around in hover chairs. They ate and drank in their chairs. They didn’t have to get out of them for much of anything. Their bodies and their minds were stagnating in comfort.

Well, breakthroughs cannot be ordered through a drive-through window, or heated up quickly in a microwave oven. Achieving success is hard work; it isn’t comfortable--or easy.

The Need for Self-Motivation

Our dreams aren’t going to happen if we don’t make them happen. We need to set goals. Some people are unmotivated by long-term goals. They have difficulty seeing the big picture. These individuals might have success with setting more short-term objectives.

My son, who graduated from high school last year, is addicted to comfort. He is not a driven person. He has trouble seeing beyond the ease of today. He refuses to set incremental goals to improve his life for tomorrow. He is highly intelligent, but he is working as a part-time cashier at a big-box store because he couldn’t be bothered to look for college scholarships. 

My certified gifted son may still be working part time for minimum wage one year from now while the majority of his friends will be attending college in order to make a salary exponentially higher than his.

Why? He’s not motivated. He can’t see beyond his present ease. He can’t see the big picture.

My Conclusion

What numerous people don’t realize is that there is no “Easy” button for life. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can still change our lives if we’re motivated to do so. We can transform our lives by taking baby steps forward.

Will this be easy? No. Nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without a struggle.

Now it’s your turn: How have you taken baby steps to victory?


  1. Traci. As a freelancer, I know exactly what it's like to know that nothing will happen until I make it happen. Motivation is harder to come by when your watching from afar than it is when you're up close. If that makes any sense.

  2. Hi, Snakehorse I really appreciate your comment! Freelancers (in any area) do understand the need to be self-motivated. I also agree that motivation is always more difficult to come by when we look at the bigger picture instead of breaking it down.