January 16, 2015

The #1 Way to Give and Receive Love

I’ve heard it said many times that “Time is money.”  Technology speeds up our lives more every day. Two-word text messages, or comments on social media, are considered normal. We must ask ourselves if this “new normal” really is “normal”.

Isn’t nurturing relationships worth a few moments of our time; especially since the time we give is likely to be returned to us with favors, new business contacts, more fulfilling relationships, or uplifting words?

The people in the image above may be having a business lunch. They may only have an hour to eat as well as discuss business. They are in a rush. Yet, they seem to be taking time out to truly connect and enjoy each other’s company. They realize that, in the end, comfortable relationships will make their lives much easier. These comfortable relationships will take time to nurture.

By contrast, some of us are more like the man in the image above: we are more interested in keeping to a schedule than exploring mutually-satisfying relationships. Heaven help you if you should interrupt our schedule, or disrupt our agenda!

The Good Samaritan

In Luke 10:26-37, we find the story of The Good Samaritan. To summarize the story: A man was severely beaten and robbed. Two of the top religious people of the day (a priest and a Levite) passed by him. They didn’t stop; they were too busy. However, a man from the province of Samaria interrupted his schedule to help the man.  (This is significant because Jewish people didn’t get along with Samaritans at that time.)

Other People

Some people have been generous (to me) with their time; others haven’t. In the same manner as numerous people, I have been ignored and disrespected online—and in real life. Some people don’t think I’m worth their time. On the other hand, one successful lady I know has consistently volunteered countless hours of her time to guide me, teach me, and generally empower me. This behavior illustrates her love and care for me like nothing else could.

What does she get in return? She receives the following: gratitude, compliments to boost her image, a valuable exchange of ideas, and social media posts promoting her company. All of those advantages are worth a lot in the end.


My kids are teenagers. They don’t require constant attention. (In fact, they often don’t WANT my attention. That’s another blog post.) However, I interrupt my schedule often to help them keep on schedule, show interest in their own interests, play games with them, discuss philosophical questions, and more.

I can’t buy them many of the material goods they’d like. Yet, as the well-known axiom says: You can’t buy love.

My Conclusion

The most precious gift we can give people is not a new car, new clothes, or even a new house. What people really want is our time—our listening ear. This is the only present that emphatically sends the message: “You’re worthwhile. You deserve my attention.”

Time is the only gift that demonstrates authentic self-sacrifice and love.

To whom have you given your time today?

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