February 5, 2015

Top Way to Push Past Fear

Bad things really do happen. They occur everywhere to everyone. Yet, scientific data confirms that not everything we fear will come to pass. Also, some things that we anticipate won’t be as traumatic as expected. What does this all signify? It proves that a good majority of what we fear is in our heads. In other words, we imagine it; or, we blow it out of proportion.

Since most anxiety is not grounded in logic, how do we overcome it? How do we push past the apprehension in order to reach our goals? We vanquish it by looking beyond “logic”, by looking to the power (the divine voice) within ourselves.

Today, I would like to introduce a life-altering book: Don De Lene’s The Power, The Miracle, and the Dream.  This book is a novel; yet, it’s a clear illustration of this important life truth: “What you think you are, you become.”

(Please note that some readers may not agree with each belief of the author. Yet, the overall premise of the book is incredibly powerful:  we can change our thinking, and the course of our lives, by digging deep into our souls—past the fear.)

What follows is a direct quote of my review:

This is a powerful book on spirituality disguised as a novel. It’s the wonderful beginning to the story of Hannah and Harvey/Jonathan.  (The uplifting story continues in The Only Way Out.) In this book, Hannah and Harvey, a brother and sister, are students. The book chronicles how they learn to lean on their inner strength through difficult times, such as: schoolyard bullying; determining what career path to choose; dealing with chronic illness; and, determining ones’ priorities.

The main life truth the siblings learn, the one that finally drives their most important decisions, is this: Our one true goal should be to find peace of mind and happiness. If we follow this tenet in an unselfish manner, we will uncover our true destiny. In addition, the necessary comforts and necessities of life will fall naturally into place.

Much of the empowering information in the book deals with the difference between the “ego” and the “inner voice”. 

There are far too many excellent quotes to write here. However, the main “takeaway” for me is summed up in the assertion that fear makes mankind weak and vulnerable. Fear is at the root of all negative thoughts and actions.

I recommend this book to anyone.

My Conclusion

Only we can make it happen—whatever “it” is for us!

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  1. Amazing... As a man thinketh in his heart so he is. I've always held on to this.

  2. Hi, Lohla: I have seen so many manifestations of that particular truth!...Thanks for reading!