April 10, 2015

3 Examples of Light in the Darkness

Any source of illumination can dispel darkness. The narrow beam from a flashlight is most visible in the shadows; we don’t notice it so much in the daytime. Well, God’s strength, his love and light, is most evident in our gloom and weakness. Joyce Meyer says our neediness is God’s open door to help. 

The people most likely to rely on their own fallible power are the least likely to receive His help. This is why “successful” people don’t always remain prosperous. On the other hand, individuals who trust in God may acquire support during their most murky times.

John Newton

I mentioned John Newton, the lyricist of the hymn, Amazing Grace, in an earlier blog post.  He dealt with being forced into the British navy, enslavement, and almost being drowned at sea. This man of great faith knew there was no human way to crawl out of his pit of despair; he leaned on his Creator.

Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

This prominent Roman Catholic nun was born in present-day Macedonia. Yet, she spent the majority of her life serving the poorest of the poor in India, particularly Calcutta. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and founded the Missionaries of Charity.  Yet, the inhuman conditions in the slums of India caused her to question her faith for a time.   

Various sources say she sank temporarily into depression. Did Mother Teresa remain in the almost tangible spiritual murkiness? No! She pushed through! In 2003, this selfless woman was beatified as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, the first step to being recognized as a saint.


I am certainly not comparing myself to the two prominent figures mentioned above.  However, I would like to address one particularly traumatic time in my life: I wrote a guest blog detailing some of the challenges leading up to the birth of my son. My trials included the following:
  •  Pneumonia 
  •  Uncaring hospital staff 
  • Severe claustrophobia 
  • Panic attacks 
  • Paralysis of my legs for about five hours (because I was overmedicated) 
  • An emergency Caesarian Section
I have never been more filled with panic, misery, and despair. Truly, I saw no resolution forthcoming. The only way I finally climbed out of the literal pit of destruction was to rely on God. Step by step, I ascended into the full brightness of His love and care. I followed the light, no matter how dim at first.

My Conclusion

Hope is most needed in times of distress, not times of joy. Mother Teresa, John Newton, and many others teach us God strengthens us when we’re at our lowest. This is great news for those of us who are not “prosperous” as the world defines the term.

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