April 29, 2015

Top Examples of Hidden Struggles

Some battles are not obvious.  Many individuals seem to lead flourishing lives in every area. They appear to be perfectly groomed and happy. There are no clear physical or mental limitations.

Certain of these people may have hidden hurts: childhood trauma; or, problems related to their finances, family life, and career. I have met many people online who are dealing with inner medical struggles. Stress and depression are particular concerns. They maliciously attack our neurology; they don’t always manifest immediately in physical symptoms.

What is Impaired Thinking?

Each person is aware drugs and alcohol hamper our thinking and body functions. Some don’t realize fatigue, anxiety, and melancholy can have the same effect. Literally, these conditions alter the way our brain works. We slow down, get confused, and imagine only the worst-case scenario.

I have fought an endless amount of trials my whole life. Right now, my thought processes aren’t clear because I am going through unbelievably difficult medical challenges. Now is not a good time to make crucial decisions. Also, I need to block hasty actions and speech. Otherwise, I am likely to say and do something I’ll regret later.

Recently, I have forced myself to be silent quite a few times when I was annoyed and ready to scream. The offending situations were nothing new. They were everyday occurrences to which I normally don’t overreact. It’s not worth ruining relationships in order to release anger. That’s what metaphorical locks on the mouth are for. I choose kindness.

Why we Should not act With Damaged Judgment

The dangers of driving, or making life-changing decisions, while under the influence of toxins is well-known. The same applies to brain-altering mental conditions.  I have a friend who was concerned her outburst to a colleague during a particularly rough time might have cost her a longstanding, valuable relationship. Looking back, she wished she had thought before she spoke.

My Conclusion

None of us has a right to think we’re better than anyone else because they don’t think or act according to our wishes. Often, individuals have concealed trauma that weakens their decision-making ability.

We should be humble, and think before we speak or act. Everyone makes mistakes and acts in poor judgment at times. All humans need grace; it’s a two-way street.

Do you act in good judgment?


  1. My daughter was going through some of this impaired thinking tonight. The tears were flowing and the woe is me was flowing as well. She is exhausted. She has too much to deal with. I suggested she put everything down and go to sleep. You are quite right. No rational decisions can be made when like this.

  2. Hi, Suzi T. Thanks so much for your comments! Which daughter? Ashton? She does have a lot to deal with; I agree. Nobody can make rational decisions when they're completely overwhelmed. Sleep often helps.