May 17, 2015

Why Human Frailty Doesn't Matter

I don’t know about you; but, I don’t feel strong. In my past (my distant past), I was arrogant and healthy. Then, life happened.  I came up against bullying, disease, financial hardship, disrespect, betrayal, and any number of crises. In fact, the trauma never ends--literally.

Conversely, My challenges have caused me to find a previously undiscovered resilience. Everything is still far from perfect. Yet, I have been led to a reserve of divine power deep within myself. I am living proof that there’s no way around hardships; we must go through them--and learn from them. I am a prime example of Nietzche’s most famous quote:

How do we Become Stronger?

We trust our all-powerful God to help us accomplish the impossible. We don’t count on our limited knowledge and strength. Only with His help can we accomplish true miracles.

Today, I would like to introduce a wonderful book I recently read by fellow author Michelle Carbotte. It’s called The Triptych Force, pt. 2: WE ARE. This work is the second part of a trilogy about the existence of divine power and how we can access it. What follows is my 5-star review on Amazon:

This book uncovers the divine gift of spiritual strength all humans are given. Most of us are unaware of its existence because it is deep inside of us. Life’s inevitable trauma and drama can distract us from our inner ability to connect with the Creator of all that we know.

The possibilities for success are, literally, endless, if we know how to access the power of God. Ms. Carbotte’s most empowering message is this: individuals do not have to move through life on their own.

How does the author give us this crucial message? She cites scriptures and simple scientific explanations. The Triptych Force, pt. 2, gives us actual tips for finding more strength and faith. For this purpose, the author highlights a number of essential questions and issues:
  • Why bad things happen to good people 
  • Purpose of Trials 
  • Power of Prayer 
  • The Law of the Harvest (We reap what we sow.) 
  • Need for giving and receiving love
This life-changing book should not be read quickly and forgotten. It should be savored, and even kept as a reference for difficult times. It’s already helped me immensely! I know I’ll never again look at prayer, love, or my huge number of trials in the same way.

My Conclusion

How has God shown you that He “has your back”?


  1. God helps me daily. He is always there for me throughout my day at work. He has helped me through sadness, financial needs, family confusion and so much more.

    1. Hi, Pamela. Thanks for commenting! I completely agree! I have a long list of catastrophes and near catastrophes God's helped me through, despite the trauma in my life. I'm sure none of us know how many car accidents, or whatever, we're protected from on a daily basis.