July 30, 2015

How to Fight Deception With Common Sense

We’re bombarded by constant opinions and requests these days. The literal and figurative messages read something like this:

  • “Buy this product and you’ll shed pounds instantly with no effort.”
  • “Real people can look like these Hollywood stars, even though they don’t have plenty of time and money to spend on themselves.”
  • “You can start your own successful business without using your own money, or credit.”
  • “The more a company advertises, the more you can believe them.”

What is the common thread through all of the above examples? The listener/viewer is not credited with any common sense:

  • Changes in appearance generally require time and effort.
  • Starting any business requires money.
  • Most everyday individuals do not have unlimited resources to spend on their appearance.
  • If companies advertise on any medium, they must build that cost into the retail price of their goods and services. Here is an example:

 I used a well-known pest-control company for years. They advertise on TV quite often, so it’s obvious they have to make up that cost somehow. I recently learned that they earn back what they put out by inflating their costs. They lie about how often their services are needed, among other issues. They also charge almost five times what the regular mom and pop companies charge.
When I cancelled my account, they wanted to sell me a package the same as the smaller companies were offering. Well, they could have told me about this option about sixteen years ago. It’s too late now. They have proven their untrustworthiness. I don’t want anything more to do with them. Why would I?

Why do we Believe the Lies?

Sometimes, we don’t trust the divine truth within ourselves. We listen more to the constant deceptions of Satan that chatter in our heads--if allowed. Here are the bald facts about the devil:

John 8:44--He has nothing to do with the truth.
2 Corinthians 4:4--He blinds our minds.
2 Corinthians 11:3—Satan is cunning and leads our thoughts astray.
I Peter 5:8-9—He prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour us.
Revelation 12:9-10—Satan is the deceiver of the whole world.

I have had quite a few disorienting dreams lately. They seem so real when I first awake. In many cases, I wake up in a panic. It takes a few minutes for my heart rate to calm down. However, in reality, none of the situations are true. I haven’t lost or abandoned anything (or anybody). I am not lost in a foreign country. In addition, I am not failing school. (I’m not even a student!)

How can we tap Into Common Sense?

We can tune out the perpetual messages of how we aren’t sufficiently attractive, intelligent, or successful. We can listen to the truth, or light, deep inside ourselves.

My Conclusion

No matter how much society, or the devil, tries to make us follow their agendas, we don’t have to accept it. Common sense, or intuition, will help us to hold on to the truth. It is the most effective tool against deception of any kind.

How strong is your common sense?

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