July 8, 2015

Top Examples of the Need for Perseverance

The above image illustrates the fact that every useful relationship and occurrence must be constructed and nurtured step by step. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, as the saying goes.  The same can be said of victories. Successes don’t usually happen overnight. They are often achieved through years of focused determination.

There are no shortcuts to victory. Diligence is necessary because creating anything useful takes time. There is a minimum formula for success:
  • Education
  • Research
  • Practice/experimentation/development
  • Performance/construction of the building/sale of the product

Once we’ve accomplished the previous steps, we may find that we need to revise our product or service. Revision is also an integral part of the creation process.


There are no shortcuts to success in this industry, either. I have noticed that many authors think they will triumph without proper education, research, and testing. These individuals delve into the huge cyber world of self-publishing unaware of quite a few things.They may have little knowledge of what readers want. 

Some of them are also oblivious to how complicated the journey to publishing is. Authors who try to skip the education, research, and development stages of the process usually produce a sloppy product. It’s no different from any other industry or endeavor.

My Healing

I have tried for years to shorten the progression of my healing—unsuccessfully. I spent plenty of money and time on procedures, tests, medical office visits, and medications. Hello! My body has its own timetable and way of coming around.

The healing is annoying, life-limiting, and traumatic. However, it cannot be changed. It must be endured. I must go through it to get to victory. In the end, the journey will be worthwhile. I will have attained a level of health I’ve never known.



The creation of some products and services may also involve deconstruction. A gemcutter must cut and polish a raw diamond such as the one pictured above before it is ready to mount in a ring. This is a form of deconstruction.

What seems like destruction is really construction. The diamond will not become a ring unless it goes through the entire painstaking process of becoming a marketable gemstone. There is no alternative.

My Conclusion

Would you rather be a raw diamond or a $2,000 ring?

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