August 3, 2015

11 Tips for Finding Peace

The Hebrew word shalom can be translated as peace. It is used as a greeting and a farewell. However, the true connotation of the word goes much deeper. says that this traditional salutation does not imply merely a lack of conflict. It also encompasses the following:

  • Completeness
  • Soundness
  • Welfare
  • Success (internal and external)

If shalom signifies a wholeness/light, then any negativity must detract from that light. That’s why we want to try to stay “at rest” no matter what life throws at us.

How do we Find Peace?

World-renowned preacher, Joyce Meyer, has been in many difficult situations throughout her life. She suggests living according to this list:

1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

2. Avoid competition with others.

3. Don’t inventory your own faults.

4. Listen to what God’s word says, not to what your detractors say.

5. Decide to like yourself.

6. Learn to laugh at yourself.

7. Make decisions and be confident in them.

8. Never speak negatively about yourself.

9. Give up trying to control your life.

Getting upset because God isn’t hurrying won’t cause Him to speed up. He works on His own timetable.

10. Stop trying to figure things out.

We live life forward; we understand it backward.

11. Accept people the way they are; know that only God can change them.

My Conclusion

God’s not going to ask you to be somewhere and not give you the grace/ability to enjoy it, Joyce Meyer says.  However, the reality is that “enjoyment” doesn’t always mean constant fun and laughter.  What God does grant us is a contentment with, or acceptance of, all of our circumstances--good and bad; in other words… peace.

Individuals and situations cannot always be controlled and predicted. Many things in life are imperfect. (In fact, one of the quickest ways to depression is to focus on how imperfect we are.)  Yet, we can still feel content when we realize that God sees the bigger picture. He IS in control, and He has our backs.

Do you fight temporary setbacks, or do you trust God with the bigger picture?

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