August 10, 2015

Lessons in Acceptance From Animals

What can the animal world teach us? Quite a bit! However, what we’re concentrating on today is what our fine friends can teach us about inclusion. Our pets don’t care if we look our best, or act according to the rules, they still love us.

How do different animal species treat each other? Obviously, there are rivalries, competition for food, and so forth. However, today we’re going to celebrate the special times when animals of different kinds interact. These rare creatures don’t distinguish themselves by…
  • Species
  • Color
  • Financial status
  • Social status
  • Political party
  • Level of intelligence
  • Religion
  • Physical “perfection”

My daughter, Caitlin, helped me prepare a slide show of cute furry, hairy, and feathery friends. Prepare for an “Awwww!” factor that’s off the charts!

My Conclusion

Some animals are great examples to us humans.They don’t only associate with those who can further their agendas or make them feel superior.

What have you learned from animals?

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