September 1, 2015

How we can Add Divine Power to our own Power

I do not have all the answers or solutions to everything; do you? I have lived long enough to realize the truth of the aphorism “The more you learn, the more you realize you need to learn.”  It has nothing to do with self-image; it’s just a fact of life. Pride, or arrogance, may tell us that we can handle everything in our own strength, but reality tells us that this may not always be true.

The Tortoise and the Hare

This Aesop fable (pictured above) is the story of the footrace between a rabbit and a tortoise. The hare is, understandably, self-confident in his strength: speed. He feels complete in his area of expertise. He knows that his opponent is unable to move fast, so he arrogantly decides to relax on the sidelines for a while. Finally, he falls asleep until it is too late for him to catch up with the tortoise. The tortoise wins the race by plodding forward little by little.

Everyday Life

Most of us work hard to get to where we are. Obviously, we must all rely on our own strength and wisdom to a great extent. There is no discounting the value of self-determination and a great work ethic. Certainly, I would not have gotten to where I am without grit and longsuffering.

However, the fact is that there are often limits to human wisdom. For instance, the hare lost the race because of his own arrogance. He believed completely in his own wisdom. Transpose that onto humans. Sometimes, we lose our “races” due to overconfidence as well. At times, we need to look beyond ourselves for answers. We must trust in our own abilities, of course. However, they may not hold the answer to every single challenge we face.

If we are Limited, on Whom can we Rely?

God, the Creator of the universe, is not limited. Since we are inexorably connected 
to Jesus, the vine, we can tap into His unlimited power. He can heal us and strengthen us. For instance, for the past nine years, He has been healing me from a lifelong medical challenge. I am not completely healed, but I am almost there. This is a problem that I really despaired of ever resolving.

My Conclusion

We will see the most victories in life if we don’t just rely on our own skills. We can do anything with God’s help. It would astonish you if I related to you the miraculous small successes I’ve seen since I stopped trusting in only my own limited capabilities.

What unexpected victories have you seen through God’s guidance?

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