October 15, 2015

What is the Solution When People Don't Understand Us?

It’s in our nature to turn to those close to us for compassion in tough times. Everyone wants a shoulder to cry on--or at least a listening ear. We especially expect those we live with to be sympathetic. Nevertheless, this ideal condition is not always achieved.  

What can Block Complete Empathy?

Many situations can prevent a true, empathetic connection. The first is that everyone doesn’t think like us. The second is that even close friends and family often have their own concerns with their health, finances, career, families, and so forth. This may include landmark life changes of a positive or negative nature.

We Don’t all Think Alike.

We’re all fallible humans. We all have different crosses to bear. Sometimes, we can barely get beyond our own struggles. If other people don’t have our same training, experience, or mindset, they might not have the capability to relate to us. We see examples of this daily:

  • People who have not lost a child, or loved one, may not have any idea how to help someone overcome a recent loss.
  • Plain-spoken, resilient individuals cannot comprehend why more sensitive souls are offended by certain words and behavior.
  • Consistently healthy people may have no clue how limited others truly are by their medical concerns.
  • Quick-tempered individuals, and those with a slow-burning temper, might struggle to understand each other.

Really, the list could go on forever. The possible divisions seem to be endless. I could give you many personal illustrations, so it’s best not to even start.  Let’s just say that we all have differences in the following:
  • Personality quirks
  • Medical limitations
  • Physical aptitude
  • Mental strength
  • Levels of motivation
  • Life experience

America : Facts vs. Fiction

In a recent episode of this historical series, the Mexican outlaw, Pancho Villa, was featured. Now, Villa saw himself as a modern-day Robinhood, as did some of his followers. This was also the image he worked hard to portray through the media. In 1914, American director, D.W. Griffiths, and a colleague, made a straight-up propaganda movie of the man. We don’t have the full, complete movie today. In the portion of it we do have, Villa is portrayed as a shining example of fighting on the side of right, against the odds.

Okay. Really? I got so angry watching this show. My ancestors lived in Northern Mexico at the time. They suffered any number of atrocities at the hand of Villa and his men. I guarantee they wouldn’t agree with the contemporary media spin. To them, he was not a Robinhood who should be glorified; he was a villain—to say the verrry least.

Different perspectives from different experiences.  Never the twain shall meet.

Who Can Relate to Us and Console Us?

What does The Bible Say?

In the End, Who Should we Trust?

My Conclusion

For one reason or another, some people may not always able to relate to us and nurture us. Yet, God is always there for us.  He is the Creator. He is not limited by any earthly concerns. He is able to bring us through whatever we might be experiencing.

Please see more about different personalities in my book, Accept No Trash Talk: Overcoming the Odds

Do you trust God to Relate to You?

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