December 30, 2015

The Benefit of Patience Against all Reason, pt. 2

Wise individuals crave patience. Unfortunately, common sense says that longsuffering isn’t acquired overnight; neither is any victory. Life is a methodical process. That brings to mind the well-known saying that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

My last article was about embracing the gradual development of life on the way to any accomplishment. I would like to continue with that theme today.

More Quotes From T.D. Jakes’ book, Destiny

“When it seems Destiny is slipping right through your finger, tighten your imaginative grasp and declare, ’It’s mine and I’m not letting it get away, no matter what I have to go through!’”

“Many forfeit the hard work of process. They don’t hang in there because life can be very, very hard. They get disenchanted with process because they don’t see results. They fail to realize they have to grow and circumstances must evolve. They don’t know that the oak tree they imagined is somewhere in the acorn they received.”

“Process precedes accomplishment. Have the tenacity to endure the process, because what you learn will help you survive when you attain your goal. If you learn to be patient, you will become consistent in your pursuit of Destiny.”

“Although the Lord orders the steps of a good person, most of us are looking for the elevator! God doesn’t promise elevators; the Lord guides steps. The steps strengthen us. So get on the StairMaster and stick with it!”


I am a big fan of learning lessons from animals, or wherever I can find them. I have researched this magnificent bird on the internet. There are three interesting facts related to eagles learning to fly:

  • The parent eagles spend quite a bit of time putting together a cushy nest for their babies.  Mommy and daddy use whatever soft materials they can find to cushion their fragile newborns. This could be leaves, feathers, or anything found within a fairly short distance. Little by little, as the eaglets grow, the parents take out the soft stuff. They want their offspring to become less and less comfortable. The little ones need to prepare and be willing to leave the nest.  (A lesson for human teens?) By the time the young eagles are ready to fly, the nest will look something like the uncomfortable collection of sticks pictured above.
  • Once the eaglets are actually ready to start flying lessons, Mommy and Daddy do their best to help them test their wings for short distances until they are ready for long flights.
  • The parents do not completely abandon the eagles while they are learning to fly. They wait nearby, unobtrusively, able to jump in (ummm, “fly in”) if necessary.

In summary, God allows us to grow in a manner similar to eagles. He gradually pushes us out of our comfort zone into our eventual promotion. He gives us only as much power as we can handle at a time. He is always waiting in the wings in case we absolutely cannot handle life’s trials at any given time.

His help may not come when we want it, or how we want or expect it, but it will come. Frankly speaking, God’s help has rarely been available according to my agenda. However, with hindsight, I see the divine purpose in every delay.


This is my talented eaglet, aka Caitlin, aka Miss Katy (to her parents). She is not ready to drive by herself, yet. She only has her learner’s permit. She is learning how to drive in steps. My eaglet is not ready for the full brunt of highway traffic, especially in our crowded area. She hasn’t even practiced parallel parking, yet. Step by step; that’s the key.

My Conclusion

God orders our stages. We need everything we go through, or we won’t be ready to move on to the next stage. We can’t disrespect the process.

How are you taking life in steps?

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