January 22, 2016

Top Reasons for a Healthy Self-Image

The faulty reasoning of society teaches us that those who have more power or money are worth more. That is disproven when we see the attitude and behavior of some successful individuals. On the other hand, certain humble people add value wherever they go, whatever they do.

Many people are underemployed, or unemployed, through no fault of their own. That doesn’t mean they are worth less. Everyone has their part to play. I Corinthians, chapter 12, addresses the subject of different but equal. The selection says that there are various spiritual gifts and parts of the body, but they are all equally valuable and useful. The hand cannot tell the foot he doesn’t have any use for it, and so on. Every body part is an important cog in the wheel.


She is a friend who’s a college graduate. She cleans a medical building for a living. The job doesn’t pay much money. Some people might wonder how she ended up in her situation.

Her compelling story isn’t as important as the pride she takes in fulfilling her duties. She knows that her job is as crucial to the success of the organization as those who get paid more. Medical professionals absolutely cannot do their jobs efficiently in a messy, unsanitary atmosphere.


My husband earns about 99% of the money in my family right now. My domestic responsibility is different, but equally important.  I take care of chores and errands. I keep things running smoothly at home, and I make sure my kids’ needs are taken care of.

I spend quite a bit of time making calls. I make calls for repairs and professional services. Without me, my family would probably be faced with these things:
  • Messy house
  • Very little food and medicine
  • No rides to appointments for my daughter
  • Dirty laundry
  • Broken-down cars
  • Broken appliances
  • Lower grades in History and English for my daughter

Quotes on Self-Worth From Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Identity

“You have a divine purpose.”
“…God…has marked you with purpose. He has fashioned you for destiny. “
“You are not a cosmic accident; you are the intricate handiwork of the God of Purpose. You have been placed in this moment, at this hour, in this season of history to fulfill your purpose in your generation.”
“You have something to release, and you have something to receive. Yes, you. I don’t care what you’re doing right now. I don’t care if you are a multimillionaire or some broke college student living off noodles and peanut butter.”

Madilyn Paige

Please enjoy this approximately 3-minute song about self-confidence. It’s a tear jerker!

My Conclusion

“…Your hands have made me and fashioned me.”—Job 10:8

God made you for a specific purpose. For that reason, you are irreplaceable!!!!

When did you last compliment yourself?

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