February 1, 2016

Why we Should Embrace the Journey, pt. 2

My personality may sound familiar to you: I am a practical, logical person. I like to be able to quantify and comprehend everything that happens in my life. I don’t appreciate what I consider to be nonsense, and I reallly don’t like to waste my time.

The problem is that circumstances rarely fall into line like a roll call of disciplined soldiers in basic training. Often, that roll call seems more like a chaotic “row” of circus clowns performing antics with mini cars, noisemakers, pies, and little dogs.

We want to regulate the silliness, but we can’t. We signed on for it when we bought the ticket to the circus (of life), and we have to accept it. The performers have a reason for their actions: entertainment.

Every Event has Importance

Granted, not everyone appreciates clowns. However, they usually accomplish their main goal of making us smile, or at least making most kids smile. These performers’ purpose is to give us the priceless gift of laughter. That’s the method behind their madness.

Serious circus goers may roll their eyes. Individuals might feel like screaming at the clowns to get off the stage and allow the animal or acrobatic acts to take over. Yet, the schedule must be followed. You can’t speed up the show. Every kind of act plays its part in the process of entertainment.

Recently, I published an article about trusting the process here.  Today, I would like to continue with the theme of keeping a vision through the times that don’t seem to make sense.

Hope Through the Confusing Journey

We may question why we have to go through hard circumstances. We may fume about the unfairness of life. The fact is that some situations are understandable only when we look back on them later—sometimes, muccccch later. Two stories from Bible teacher Joyce Meyer illustrate this fact. I’ll paraphrase them here:

Those familiar with embroidery know that it’s a work of fine craftsmanship in the right hands. However, if you turn the image over, you see the mess behind it: seemingly random knots and loops. The back side of an embroidered panel makes no sense, but the front side shows the beautiful end result.
The Broken Pot
A man in a developing country carried water to his employer daily in two large pots. One pot was perfect. The other one was cracked. Needless to say, water constantly leaked out of the cracked one.
Soon, the imperfect pot started crying. He pointed out his flaws to the carrier and said that he didn’t feel he was worthwhile. He wasn’t able to do his job.
The man walked along their usual path, highlighting splendid flowers and grass to the sad vessel. He pointed out that this beauty was only on the broken pot’s side. All along, he had been using the broken pot to grow natural loveliness for his employer.

My Conclusion

When the journey is confusing and heartbreaking, there’s no use trying to figure it out. There’s only one place to turn…

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”—Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

How have you found peace in the rocky journey?

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