March 4, 2016

11 More Cures for Stress

Some of us are easy going. We don’t allow the ups and downs of life to affect us. Trials mean no more to us than water gliding over a duck’s back. Besides, getting emotional doesn’t really solve anything, right?

Other individuals have intense personalities. They aren’t happy unless everything’s going their way and everybody follows their instructions. Control is the key word. These are the leaders of the pack, whether they’re male or female.

Anybody can have an overwhelming desire for power over our circumstances, but it ain’t happenin’ anytime soon. It’s unrealistic.  Sorry.
  • People make their own choices.
  • We get sick.
  • Nature throws us a curveball.

How do we Keep Stress Away?

In my last article, I discussed four of Joyce Meyer’s suggestions for getting rid of stress. This time, I will highlight some more of her excellent suggestions:

1. Don't rush.

Rushing is a huge peace stealer. Luke 10:38-42 tells us the story of Jesus visiting the house of sisters Mary and Martha.  Mary was content to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to him. She made him feel respected and welcome. On the contrary, Martha was rushing about trying to prepare food and tidy up the house. Jesus, in a diplomatic way, told Martha that Mary’s behavior was wiser than her own.

2. Take breaks

Even ten-minute breaks can seem like a mini vacation. Laughter is an especially useful tool for re-energizing.

3. Let other people help you.

4. Use shrug therapy.

Just shrug it off. Cast your care on God, as suggested by 1 Peter 5:7. As the current saying goes, “It is what it is.” There are some people and situations that will always be beyond our control.  The most mentally healthy attitude is to not let them bother us. Joyce Meyer’s wise husband, Dave, sums it up well: “If you’re not impressed, you can’t get oppressed.”

5. Stay in your comfort zone.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stretch ourselves and try something new.  It merely involves recognizing and respecting our limits. At the same time, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others.  

For instance, I have many years of practice in reading and writing. I also play the piano a little.  However, I don’t sing well. Truthfully, I sing off key at times.  I also sing in a monotone. I am not trained in singing, and my comfort level isn’t high in that area. 

I could push myself to be skilled enough to pass an audition for a local choir, but why should I bother?  The money, time, and effort involved would be prohibitive.  I really don’t like wasting my time.  Why shouldn’t I concentrate on areas in which I already have a huge emotional investment?

6. Eliminate everything that’s not bearing good fruit.

There are certain actions that are counterproductive. They don’t serve us:
  • Gossiping
  • Arguing
  • Complaining

7. Exercise.

It improves our mental and physical health.

8. Take time to do things you enjoy.

9. Look at beautiful things.

10. Relieve the choice overload. (Simplify your life.)

11. Be decisive.

My Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to de-stress and simplify our lives. If we use them, we may find a renewed sense of contentment.

How do you strive for peace?

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