October 1, 2017

How we Prophesy our Future With Words

“so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”—Isaiah 55:11

You don’t believe the title of this article? Words alone can’t have that much power, right? How can a few phrases be powerful enough to change a situation?

I’m about to show you. Let’s examine some common statements. The words may vary, but the message remains the same:

Great job!
Why did you do that?
You’re pretty/good looking
You’re too fat/skinny already.
I love you.
You’re annoying.

We can be our own worst critic, which is no news. If you’re like me, you’re harder on yourself than anyone else would be. Self-talk can range from empowering to seriously self-damaging. Here are some examples:

I know things will get better eventually.
I’m depressed—again.
I’m a winner.
I don’t think I’ll make it through.
I’m more than capable.
How can I do this? It’s too much.

Pause and think for a moment. How can anyone progress if they have mainly disapproval thrown at them? It’s not possible. Positivity can’t come out of negativity.

Speaking Life and Death

Words are containers for power. If you’ve witnessed any verbal bullying, or been the recipient of awards, you’ll know the truth of this.

This empowerment or doubt can come from an outside source or from within ourselves. My recent life is a case study in the effects of both optimism and pessimism:

  • I expected to have an automobile accident for a number of weeks, and so I did. It was minor, and no other vehicles were involved, thank goodness. The total cost was about $1,300. My two children also had auto accidents on the same day within two weeks of when I had my accident. Needless to say, our insurance premiums have skyrocketed.
  • I struggled, at first, with a job in a new industry. Some people were negative to me. I also mentally beat myself up constantly. I’m still nervous on my job, but I have much more confidence than before. I give myself pep talks in my mind continually.
  • I have plenty of health issues, but I push beyond them. I work full time, and I accomplish all my duties at home. Well, okay, I have to prioritize what I do, and some things don’t get done on time. Still, I’ve come a long ways; you’d be amazed. I have done this by thinking or speaking positive affirmations concerning problem areas from my head to my feet, such as: “My vision is getting stronger, and,“My asthma has improved.” I also follow Joel Osteen’s recommendation to repeat this phrase multiple times: “I’m getting better every day in every way."
You know what? Positive affirmations work! I am seeing slow progress.

My Conclusion

“Don’t talk about the way you are. Talk about the way you want to be. You are prophesying your future.”—Joel Osteen
“Speak what you seek until you see what you’ve said.”--Phreshquotes

It’s obvious we can actually change our situation with our words. We can upgrade our prospects. A person’s past and present do not have to determine their future. For many of us, our past and current lives are full of unpleasant realities. That’s a fact.  However, we can mold our future with optimism, if we have faith.

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Are you building a bright future with your words?

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