March 10, 2019

From Trouble to Triumpth, part 3

“But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and keep you from evil.”-- 2 Thessalonians 3:3 (KJV)

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The image above is powerful and symbolic. The sky is dark and full of clouds. A storm may be brewing. The man still feels safe in the arms of Jesus. He sees his Savior as a place of refuge.

This is the third part in a series about miracles of protection. Please see the first two installments here and here.

The Biking Accident

My husband, John, got his first bike when he was eight years old. He was excited to try out the shiny, red bike. My sweet man wanted to share the experience with his younger brother, Steve, who sat on the back fender.

The boys’ course led them down a big hill. On the right side of the road was a high school. On the left was the sports practice field enclosed by a wooden fence. This barrier wasn’t a cute picket fence. It was made out of huge 4 x 4 wooden posts.

The two brothers wanted to get as much speed as possible. What kid wouldn’t? John pedaled as fast as he could. They loved feeling the wind in their faces. The bike went so fast downhill, it started to wobble. John couldn’t control the vehicle as it veered to the left. This was where the practice field was located.

First, they hit the curb, bounced up over it, and hit the fence at an angle. Second, the bike slammed into one of the upright posts in the fence. This brought it to a dead halt in a hurry.

Miraculously, the siblings didn’t get seriously injured. They only got banged up a bit with scratches and bruises. The accident took place only a couple of blocks from their house, so they were both able to ride the bicycle home. It rode a little askew, but that’s all.

The next day, however, as John rode the bicycle on the sidewalk, it completely split in two. The image must have been similar to those we see in cartoons--only it was real. My future husband was holding the handle bars in his hands, sitting on his rear end, wondering what had happened.

It was a wonder the bike hadn’t come apart the day before.

My Conclusion

"The violent winds of suffering and trouble blow us into the Lord's protective hands."--Sadhu Sundar Singh (from

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From what storms have you been protected?


  1. What a story! And yes, we never know!

  2. Hi, Carol. I agree we never know what we've been protected from. Joel Osteen tells a story of a lady who kept getting delayed while trying to get to a store. She was highly frustrated, and she had a small child who was even more frustrated. She finally found a parking space. Before she could get out of her car and go into the store, she was stopped. A passerby told her not to go in there. A deranged man was holding people hostage, or something like that. Mother and child were both saved from who knows what horrors.