May 10, 2020

A Celebration of Motherhood

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.”—Isaiah 49:15 (KJV)

It’s the day to honor mothers and grandmothers everywhere. Well, we should respect them every day…

For this writing, I have collated some sweet, unexpected thoughts from my two children and my daughter’s boyfriend. Their comments will be in quotation marks and in the table I created below.

“They brought us into this world, so we wouldn’t be here without them.” Well said! That one sentence clarifies our common debt to mothers everywhere. How do you repay the gift of life? Think about it.

“Mothers do a thankless job.” Very true. The most important job in the world is an unpaid position. In some cases, we receive little appreciation, too.

“They always see the good in us.” It’s human nature to be selfish and hurtful at times. Mothers look beyond that. They see bright potential. “They provide a positive perspective on life.” “They love and provide for us unconditionally.”

“Mothers want to see their children grow.” Other people aren’t always on our side. Mothers want us to succeed. “They are there to support us when others are not.”

Give special care fathers can’t.
Want the best for their kids.
Guarantee us a shoulder to cry on.
Spend much of their time with their kids.
Discipline with love.
Have neverending love.
Shower their kids with love.
Try to have an emotional connection with their children.
Support our decisions even if they are bad.

My Conclusion


Mothers are our shield. How do mothers defend and support us? “They’re someone we can trust no matter what.” “Mothers try their best to push us in the right direction.” “They always encourage us to do the right thing.” “They teach us how to fly when we leave the nest.”

Have you thanked your mother lately for teaching you “the ways of life”?

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