October 20, 2014

3 Reasons why Forgiveness Helps Us

In this imperfect world, there are plenty of examples of man’s humanity against his fellow man. Most people should be able to recall examples from their own lives when they were devalued in their homes, or in society. I have talked to quite a few people lately who say that they were verbally and physically abused.

What are some examples of instances when it’s difficult to forgive?

In my e-book, Accept No Trash Talk, I mention cases when people disrespected me at church, at school, and at work, including the following:
  • Supervisors told me that I was slow.
  • Other students made fun of me because of my religion.
  • A young man at church often played cruel word games with me.
I also discuss cases when other people were disrespected, as follows:
  • Famous American baseball player Jackie Robinson was disrespected because of the color of his skin
  • A man wrote a memoir about a time in his life when he was undermined at his workplace because of his religion.
  • A young school boy was continually criticized by teachers, other students, and his step-father.
How can we Forgive?

So how do we resolve all this disrespect? It’s likely that we won’t find closure with the offender. The offender may be unaware of, or uncaring of, the havoc that he has caused.

Lori Deschene, founder of tinybuddha.com, in her blog post entitled “How to Forgive Someone When it’s Hard: 30 Tips to Let Go of Anger” compiled 150 different readers’ ideas on the subject. The main points include:
  • Let it go. Just stop thinking about it.
  • Remind yourself that forgiveness is for you.
  • Remind yourself that hate is love that’s been turned around.
  • Realize that the original offense indicates a flaw, or problem, in the offender—not in you.
Why Should We Forgive?

Luminita Saviuc is the owner of the website called purposefairy.com. In her article entitled “Forgiveness: 5 Reasons why you should let go of Resentments” she suggests that forgiveness is the most powerful thing for physiology and spirituality. Her reasons for forgiveness include:
  • Bringing light into our lives. Forgiveness will fill us with love and help us to radiate that love.
  • Giving ourselves peace of mind.
  • Building our inner strength.
Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Yes! There is light ahead! I spent decades wasting time in bitterness, illness, and confusion because life can be cruel and unfair. Yet, in the past two years, I have had success in lightening my load of trauma. Unconsciously, I have been following some of the precise tips referenced in the blog post mentioned above.

The happiest people I know are those who choose not to let the past keep a strangle hold on them.

How have you felt freedom through forgiveness?

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