October 23, 2014

4 Reasons why Mothers are Unsung Heroes

I don’t mean to disrespect fathers. Fathers are crucial figures in families for a number of reasons. Also, I don’t intend to delve into attempting to categorize the duties of parents by gender. That may be a political and religious issue that I’m not qualified to address.

The purpose of this blog post is to celebrate mothers everywhere—whether they are working moms, stay-at-home moms, hands-on moms, or hands-off moms.

The world cannot do without moms. Literally every person on Earth came into this world with the help of a mother somewhere.

Here are four reasons why mothers should be honored as heroes:

The Job is Difficult

Motherhood always brings challenges. The challenges may change as children age, but the fact that there are trials never changes. 

During the younger years, the challenges may be more physical. Mothers may need to chase their kids around, keep them away from objects or people that may hurt them, or carry them in their arms. 

As children move into their pre-teen and teen years, the difficulties may become more mental. Children are likely to need help with homework. Parents will want to keep close track of friends and activities. Fluctuating hormones and tempers become a normal part of everyday life. At this stage of life, children will often choose to distance themselves from their parents in favor of connecting with their friends.

The Job is Unappreciated by Family

  • Few mothers actually get thanked for all their sacrifices.
  • Children do not always listen to their mothers and follow their sage counsel.
  • Mothers are taken for granted. We are expected to be on call 24/7, no questions asked.

The Job Doesn’t Pay

The laundry list of a mother’s duties may include: unpaid chauffeur, cook, mentor, tutor, biological alarm clock, referee, nurse, and counselor. Can you think of any other job where the responsibilities would be so diverse and, yet, pay nothing?

The job is Disrespected by Society

“Mother” is an unpaid profession; therefore many people consider it unworthy of respect. When certain people ask what you do, they want to know what you get paid to do. They don’t realize all the skills that are involved in being a mother—all the multi-tasking you have to do.

Consider this: if mothers got paid what they were truly worth, they would make a heftier salary than most professionals.

This is my rant for the day: just because you don’t get paid to do something doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthy of respect. For instance, I have made little money on the book that I recently published, and no money on my blogging, but my writing is still worthwhile…Isn’t it?

Have you thanked your mom lately?

How do you feel that mothers are unsung heroes?

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