October 29, 2014

3 Warning Signs of Personal and Business Challenges

I am similar to many people in that I am intimidated by any variation in my life. Yet, change is an integral part of life, for better or for worse. Relationships transform. Jobs vary. Our health may alter from year to year.

Most Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

In my book, Accept No Trash Talk, I discuss situations that could have been avoided if people had read the warning signs:
  • Supervisors expressed their displeasure with my job skills months before they fired me.
  • A young man didn’t treat me with respect while we were dating; then, he broke off the relationship.
  • An older man has major health complications because he ignored decades of warning signs that his health was deteriorating.
  • A young lady’s mother exhibited anti-social behavior for years before she was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance.
  • I ignored minor symptoms of gluten intolerance, an auto-immune disorder, which led to the manifestation of worse symptoms throughout much of my body.
  • An average college student insisted on trying to date a popular college student even though the student had a record of dating only popular, handsome men.

Pay Attention on the Job

Paulag01, in his article entitled “9 Signs you are Going to be Fired” on BlogHer.com, suggests that there clues to look for when you think that your job is in jeopardy:
  • Coworkers’ attitudes towards you change
  • Your company is undergoing a merger or downsizing
  • Your responsibilities are being given to someone else
  • You’ve received a bad review
  • You, or someone else, made a huge mistake

Watch for Specific Warning Signs at Work

We may heed the warning signs that our job is in jeopardy. For example, a man chose to leave his position rather than stay in a company that was merging into a bigger company and downsizing most of its staff.

Some people may ignore the indications that they’re about to get fired. For instance, a lady was fired after months of being told that she was slow by supervisors and co-workers.

Watch for Warning Signs in Your Environment

People whose valuable personal property gets stolen are often those who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. For instance, my husband says that thieves target riders on public transportation who are sleeping or distracted.

When I traveled to Paris, I was admonished to keep my purse secure and not let any suspicious characters get close to me. Certain thieves were known to target tourists specifically.

Watch for Warning Signs in Your Health

Medical reality shows display numerous cases of initially treatable serious illness. Some people decline to visit their medical provider regularly while some people refuse to undergo routine testing. 

My husband ignored stomach pain for years before he was finally forced to make a trip to the nearest emergency room where he learned that he would need surgery.

I have learned the hard way that ignoring warning signs can result in serious consequences such as health complications, job or property loss, and damaged relationships.

What are some warning signs that you haven’t ignored?

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