December 24, 2014

Hope: the Catalyst to Miracles

Why should we have hope when so much of the world is clouded with doom? How does it make sense to envision a victorious life when numerous people are starving, unemployed, brutalized, or killed in cold blood? Is there a reason to keep believing when certain individuals continue to disrupt families, organizations and governments with their selfish agendas? 

Some people will always try to keep us in darkness; yet, miracles do happen every day. These events may be huge, life-altering events; or, they may be as simple as unexpected favors. Everyone sees miraculous events; we just don’t always label them as such. For example, an unexpected discount at the grocery store is a small miracle in the same way that a recovery from a severe illness is a miracle. Anything unexpected that brings good results is a marvel.

Positive events occur more often than we realize.

We shouldn’t give up hope because positive events occur daily for most of us. We may need to work hard to identify encouraging occurrences because they aren’t always significant or obvious.

Recent positive events that have led me to hope include:
  • I paid less money on car repair bills and medical bills than expected. 
  • My daughter and I were finally led to cures for health concerns that had been bothering us for months, even (in my case) decades. Also, our health problems aren’t as complicated as I’d feared. 
  • I have a social media presence. 
  • I’m blogging. (You’re reading this, aren’t you?) 
  • I spent weeks editing my book, which I will be able to re-publish soon. 
  • I played two songs in my church’s Christmas program on a musical instrument that isn’t my main instrument. (I pushed through the fear.)
The purpose of sharing my successes is not to boast, but to demonstrate that not all victories are life-altering. Some triumphs may deal with minimal changes in attitude, or life lessons, instead of miraculous cures. That doesn’t make them any less worthy of giving us a fresh hope.

Life is full of physical, mental, and spiritual pain. The good news is that the hurt does end for most of us. Most suffering is temporary, although that might not be our perception as we go through the discomfort.

It is easy to give up hope when reason says there’s no way out of a difficult situation. Science, as well as friends and family, may say there’s no way to break the barrier to success.  However, many effective people in the past have only seen success when they’ve kept trying “one more time”, even if that “one more time” turned into 999 more times.

My Conclusion

There is reason for hope. Victories often come; they just don’t always arrive in the expected manner and time. We shouldn’t let science, or reason, shout “no!” to our dreams and miracles.

What  miracles have you seen lately?


  1. Thanks, Traci. Yes, hope is important, especially if you are a blogger! Here's to a wonderful new hopeful blogging year!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! I appreciate your kind words. I wish you success during the coming year as well.