December 20, 2014

Choosing Faith Instead of "Fact"

Our mind is a battlefield, as Joyce Meyer and others say.  This means that the root of such negative emotions as confusion, anger, disbelief, and fear begin inside our heads. It follows that the best way to fight these feelings is to fill our heads with positive, light-filled sentiments.  The optimistic feelings will crowd out the dark ones because light is stronger than darkness, spiritual or physical.

What is another word for this light? Belief.

As the above quote states, we limit ourselves; nobody else does. We can either allow our perceived limitations to hold us back, or we can work hard to overcome them. This is hard work, but it can be done.

Joel Osteen often tells the uplifting story of his mother’s fight with cancer. Dodie Osteen was diagnosed with terminal cancer about 30 years ago. She was told that she only had a few months to live. Yet, Dodie refused to accept the “facts” that the specialists presented to her. She worked hard to conquer her diagnosis step-by-step. Finally, she overcame cancer. Today, she is a healthy, beautiful lady actively participating in her son’s church.

I have always felt that believing is half the battle. If an individual is upbeat, she is likely to produce positive results in her life. The opposite is true if a person is gloomy. This is where we get such proven ideas as the self-fulfilling prophecy: what we believe about ourselves will come true.

In whom, or what, should we trust?

We could have faith only in our own power, but that is limiting. As humans, we are likely to be bound by certain physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual restrictions.

On the other hand:

In the following quotes, Joel Osteen points out that God is a supernatural God. He is not limited by science, or any other earthly authority:

God is not blocked by our circumstances; He is only held back by our level of belief. We activate God’s power with our faith. He has the final say.

If we’re going to see progress, we have to choose faith over facts. We mustn’t let the facts keep us from our destiny.

How have you chosen faith over “fact”?

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