February 25, 2015

2 Reasons NOT to Limit Your Vision

I recently wrote a blog post on believing and receiving. A Google+ friend wisely pointed out that passive faith is insufficient; we must actively plan to improve our lives. She has a valid point! If we don’t set short and long term goals, we aren’t likely to see improvement.  If we want to change tomorrow, we must switch up the way we do things today. Most things don’t get better without effort on our part.

Breaking Down the Gender Barrier

Rosie the Riveter, pictured above, was an iconic figure in American World War II pop culture. She was, actually, a real person who served as a “call to action” for thousands of women. The patriotic motivation was necessary for these reasons:  
  • Many able-bodied men were fighting in war zones. 
  • Women were needed to fill factory jobs in munitions and transportation for the war effort.
This push to recruit untrained females was unusual because these positions were traditionally given to males, and many women did not work outside of the home at that time.

Collapsing the age Barrier

Dick Van Dyke has been a celebrity since at least the 1950’s. Van Dyke is still a well-loved legend of TV and film. His most iconic movie role was Bert in the landmark Walt Disney musical, Mary Poppins. He is what the industry calls a “triple threat”; he can sing, dance, and act.

 I enjoy watching reruns of his series, Diagnosis Murder, which first aired about twenty years ago. In the series, Van Dyke was past the age most often associated with energetic singing and dancing. However, that didn’t stop the icon. He roller skated, danced, and sang on various episodes. In fact, the star kept up with significantly younger individuals.

My Conclusion

True-life individuals similar to Rosie the Riveter and Dick Van Dyke teach us we can break down all barriers. Yet, we can only accomplish unbelievable goals if we aggressively push through blockages such as gender and age.

“if we fail to plan, we plan to fail” is a famous saying. The Bible highlights many examples of individuals who jumped over metaphorical hurdles by accepting no limitations as they actively prepared for success.

What is your strategy for victory?

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