February 26, 2015

Top Reason to Emotionally Connect with Others

There are plenty of giving, caring individuals out there. However, they often seem to be outnumbered by unfeeling people. I’m not sure there has ever been a time in history when society, in general, has been so overcome by selfishness. Our lives often center around our own comfort and emotions. A sense of community is no longer guaranteed in neighborhoods, schools, places of worship, or jobs. Passionate connections can even be weak in families. Is this biblical? Yes!

Self-preoccupation is one of many discordant attitudes reported to be a sign of Jesus’ Second Coming.

The following is a direct quote from my book: Accept No Trash Talk: Overcoming the Odds:

Disrespectful communication is often a manifestation of the self-obsession of today’s society.

More people seem to be selfish than ever before. Common courtesy seems to be a thing of the past in many cases. Numerous people put no filter on their words merely because they can’t get beyond their own problems. These kinds of people aren’t going to worry about how their hasty, unkind words may affect their listeners. All they’re concerned with is their own sorrow.

2 Examples From My Life

George is a man I met on Google+. He initiated some conversations. The problem was that he didn’t bother to read the entirety of my comments at any given time. I asked him to cease certain behaviors several times; but, he refused. He only cared about himself. He didn’t even respond to my remark that I had to go in for surgery. I finally deleted the uncaring man from my circles.

My washing machine has been broken for about three weeks. Obviously, this is a major inconvenience. The same company has been to my home attempting to fix it three times. They never showed remorse or concern for my time and feelings. Also, their work was sloppy. I was stunned to learn by third-party e-mail that this organization doesn’t want to deal with my problem anymore. They passed my repair order on to another company without notifying me. Who knows how long the saga will continue with a new business?

My Conclusion

There are always going to be emotionally detached people out there—vain individuals who cannot move beyond their own desires and trials. Yet, those of us who are willing to bond can make a difference in many lives today and leave a lingering legacy for tomorrow. Isn’t that what we’re all here for, to make the world a better place?

How are you bonding with others?

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