March 4, 2015

1 Example of Fighting Fear

It’s a tough world out there, an intimidating world. We can live proactively by arming ourselves with helpful information. Yet, the unfairness of life often oozes under doors we think are closed. Besides, unforeseen circumstances will crop up: inclement weather, natural disasters, malicious people, and many others. As much as humans want to feel they’re in control of their lives, difficult situations prove we aren’t.

Are we supposed to live in fear of the unknown?

No! If individuals lived according to the dictates of religious extremists and the media, they would be too scared to get out of their beds each morning. The object of both of these groups is to make us cower before their demands to change our way of thinking. On the other hand, God doesn’t want us to live in fear

An Example of Living Without Fear

In my book, Accept No Trash Talk: Overcoming the Odds , I mention a case of a man who refused to live to live in dread:

Literature--There are many cases of The Law of the Harvest cited in books. My favorite one comes from a book I read a few years ago. I don’t remember the title at this point. It was a memoir of a specific time during Jerome’s career. He was a United States government intelligence worker who was mistreated by his supervisor, Wendell, solely because of his religion. In fact, Wendell didn’t try to hide the reason for the mistreatment. The book detailed how Jerome was verbally abused at company headquarters in the United States.

When he was sent to a foreign country, he was ordered by his agency to throw his gun in a river and sent to a long-abandoned safe house that was no longer safe. Jerome was left abandoned and unprotected in the former safe house. He had no money, no food, no weapons, and no way to communicate with his agency. It was later revealed this miserable state of affairs was directly ordered by Wendell.

When the author was finally able to return to the United States, he witnessed the harvest of his supervisor’s vindictiveness. Wendell was immediately suspended from the agency. The author’s good harvest was a promotion and a relationship with the lady who eventually became his wife, Sophia. He would not have met Sophia if he hadn’t been sidelined by his supervisor. She helped him through some of his most trying times in the foreign country.

My Conclusion

Fallibility is a human characteristic; yet, God is not imperfect. He will give us the power to push through tremendous odds. He provides us with strength and clarity of reason. In fact, when He helps us, our lives are likely to improve in ways we haven’t imagined.

How do you overcome anxiety daily?

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