March 3, 2015

Top Reasons--Faith Against the Odds

Should we Choose to be Confident or Discouraged?

Some people have a positive worldview, while others have a negative outlook. I have come across many people who insist on looking at the world through rose-colored glasses despite what the “facts” say. On the other hand, certain individuals choose to wear sunglasses; everything looks darker than it actually is.  

For example, I’m currently reading a book by an author who has a decidedly pessimistic outlook. He mentions gangs and bullies as well as ineffective parents and teachers. His book is full of grey areas; there are few completely upbeat or decidedly downbeat events or characters. It’s difficult for me to relate to any of the situations or characters.

Perhaps reality (for most of us) falls somewhere in the middle of the dark winter freeze and the blinding summer heat. It’s true that unemployment, poverty, gangs, crime, violence, and school bullying exist. I was bullied throughout my entire school career, including college. There is evil on the earth as well as good. Numerous individuals adapt this view: life is full of joy and sorrow.

Does life always proceed in a straight line?

Life is rarely logical, or fair. In addition, our existence seldom follows a neat, linear timeline.

Few people go straight from point A to point C by passing straight through point B. For instance, I may practice the piano for decades hoping to become a concert pianist. Yet, I am likely to go through many twists and turns before, or if, I accomplish that dream. My true vision will lead me to the most appropriate destiny when the time is right. God knows how to direct me, although the way is unclear.
  • A number of inventions happened unexpectedly, including potato chips and Post-It© Notes. 
  • My living situations and jobs didn’t work out for me. Instead, I was led to my husband later in life. 
  • Many achievers spend decades overcoming physical and mental limitations before they succeed in their chosen fields. A list of historical overcomers comprises Teddy Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, and Nelson Mandela.

My Conclusion

The good news is winter always ends; spring comes. It’s a natural, unchangeable cycle. During the spring we plant and renew our hopes for beauty and a better life. My “winter” may last months, years, or even a lifetime; that doesn’t mean my breakthrough won’t eventually arrive. Spring will arrive in due season, not before. That blessed season may seem far away when we’re dealing with a -9° wind chill factor. Nevertheless, it will come. We can’t see it, but we can believe it.

Why can I say this? I am living proof that it’s always darkest before the dawn. At every stage of my life, troubles have gotten poured on me before I moved on to the next level, whether the cycle was marriage, a new job, or having a baby. I have always gotten from point A to point C no matter how long the journey took.

Do you choose positivity or negativity?


  1. Great article, Traci.
    Yet again, right on the money!

    1. Hi, Don. Thanks so much for your support! I appreciate your kind words! Thanks for your continual kindness!