March 16, 2015

4 Examples of the Power of Prayer

There are many voices that can distract us in this world of constant real-time information. It’s often hard to determine to whom we should open our ears and hearts. Also, we may find that listening to certain people or groups does not add anything to our lives. Some communication is merely confusing, or frustrating. 

On the other hand, contact with God is a source of unmeasurable potential because it takes the following forms:
  • Shield 
  • Vehicle of God’s favor, presence, grace, and wisdom 
  • Balm (medicine) for a sorrowful soul 
  • Most powerful weapon against sin and heartache 
  • Avenue of conversation with God
Four Testimonies of The Miracle of Prayer

A few days ago, I was almost overcome by exhaustion and panic. I was frustrated by the constant battles with my health and finances. Where is the joy in the middle of continual setbacks? God didn’t take my problems away, but he eased my sorrows by leading me to a route of temporary escape: time-travel romances. It’s not my chosen genre for a variety of reasons. However, God was directing me to the only form of light escape entertainment to lift me out of my despondency at this time. It worked!

Me (Again)
My kids both played percussion, for a time, in school. Therefore, we purchased a basic percussion kit for practice at home. Neither of them is interested in playing anything but the piano at this point; so we planned to sell the instrument. Nobody bought it on e-bay. Unexpectedly, a friend suggested she buy it for her young children. This offer came at the exact time when my daughter wanted to order her high school senior class ring. The sale of the equipment will almost cover the cost of the jewelry.

He is a man I met on Google+. He recovered from surgery that only had a 7% survival rate. In addition, this powerful man of God suddenly gave up decades of addiction and hard living through faith—against the odds.

She is a friend who was recently in a near-fatal car accident. She was driving significantly over the speed limit and lost control of the car. Her vehicle completely rolled over four times. She was admitted to the hospital with injuries, including bleeding in her brain. However, the flow of blood has stopped against all odds. After such a severe crash, her main concerns are bruising, a few fractures, and minor spinal misalignment. Unbelievable!

My Conclusion

Literally, prayer is a vehicle for God to show His power in our lives. The four testimonies above are only a fraction of the cases I could cite. I have seen prayer change many lives, including my own. If we stop listening to the noise of a confused, dark world, and start listening to the divine voice within, who knows what incredible transformations will occur?

How has prayer been a vehicle to miracles for you?

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