March 12, 2015

Top Reasons to Endure

The cost of any kind of success is often high; astronomical, in some cases. We often push through years of trauma and pain.  Relationships and business interests may come and go. Individuals don’t always see an immediate return on their investment of hard work; yet, long-term success may be within reach.

How do we endure?

Persistence is a matter of refusing to quit.  No matter how fatigued, stressed out, or in pain a person is, they always have options. They can choose to move ahead into the light (to the best of their ability) or continue to live in the darkness. For instance, I was bullied throughout my entire school career, including college. I have decided not to allow my former tormenters to continue to define my life as I strive for victory. I have not resigned from life’s constant struggles.

The Purpose of Perseverance
  • Joyce Meyer--This world-renown Bible teacher declares God shows us His love by giving us trials, because that is how He strengthens us. God is “growing” his children. 
  • Shaheen Darr--Once again, I am spotlighting this inspirational poet. With her permission, I am including a passage from her book,  Soul Searching (Poems on Life):
Why are there stumbling blocks on every route?
Testing man’s endurance before any seed sees fruit
How much more can the dashing of hopes
Be borne until someone throws in a rope
Human beings do enjoy blessings on this vast earth
But like all things the price they pay is dearth
Showing up in all corners, playing hide and seek
Like a gremlin, taunts, teases those that are meek
We carry on regardless for that is what is right
Never to give up, never to lose the fight
For that’s what we have been sent here to do
One living planet chosen for us to journey through
When the day of questions looms up close
Let’s pray we can be amongst those
Who can tell their story with honesty
To join the ranks of those fit for glory  

How Does God Help Us?


My Conclusion

Endurance is often challenging. It can be a test of faith. However, the good news is that God gives us strength and rewards, if we don’t give up.

How do you endure?

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