March 10, 2015

1 Reason for Self-Acceptance

The road to embracing our uniqueness is long for some of us. We are inundated by messages that we need to be more attractive, intelligent, wealthy, or talented. We may think we are unable to be “good enough”, because it’s almost impossible for some of us to meet the standards of Victoria’s Secret models, Wall Street tycoons, or Oxford professors. Why would the advertisements of health and beauty products be so successful unless there were millions of insecure people out there?

Empowering Words About Tolerating Ourselves
Shaheen Darr

Today, I am highlighting a poem by this insightful fellow author.  With her permission, I have copied the words verbatim from her work: Soul Searching (Poems on Life) (Please note the brilliant analogy of seeds breaking through rocky soil):


Self acceptance can grow in the rockiest of gardens  

It might take a while to struggle through  
But if the root is strong, the will is firm  
It will show itself, resilient and strong  
As you recognise your qualities  
The abilities that make you who you are  
You will learn to fall in love  
With whoever you see in your mirror  
Through it all the beauty of the inner you  
will help affirm the uniqueness of you  
your life meant just for you, and no other

The Bible

God’s word says that humans remain in His love. That means individuals don’t have to fight to obtain or keep God’s care; we merely receive it through obedience. We do our best; God will take  it from there. Therefore, people have no need to be full of doubts.

My Conclusion

We don’t have to listen to the judgment of society. It’s permitted to love ourselves as we are; God does. The more broken humans are, the more He can use His strength to put us back together. If individuals are cracked teacups from a big-box store, God has the ability to make them into fine china. In that case, how can we disdain our present—or future—state of being?

Do you accept yourself?


  1. Great uplifting post, Traci. I'm sharing this one. :)

    1. Hi, Sandra. I thank you for your continued support! You're a classy lady!

  2. Thank you for adding my poem to your wonderful blog Traci, really appreciate it :))

    1. Hi, Shaheen. Your writing fits hand and glove with mine, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to highlight it. We're on the same wavelength; that's for sure!