March 6, 2015

8 Reasons--Contentment Despite the Odds

How the heck is it possible to be content when we’re surrounded by unjust situations and people, many of them beyond our control?  The world is in chaos (as usual). Our kids don’t listen to us. Blue-collar and white-collar professionals don’t respect our time or our agendas; they only care about money. The list could go on forever. The trick is to be satisfied despite the inevitable distraction of setbacks.

Let’s be honest, some of us have more challenges than others. I’ve noticed that the most content people are often those with the most trials. I am astonished when such overcomers confide in me about domestic problems, medical catastrophes, and job layoffs; yet, they seem to be smiling and full of gratitude. That’s because they have made a conscious decision to see the metaphorical glass as half full instead of half empty.

Why Should I be Grateful?

Here’s a partial list of my current trials, and why I should still be grateful (Trials will be preceded by “-“.  Positive aspects will begin with “+”):

-It’s been snowing heavily here for about the past month.
+ I have always had enough food, water, and electricity.

-A wound on my back got infected. It hurts and itches.
+I have medical and dental insurance.

-My chronic medical condition still prevents me from working.
+I was led to writing.

-I have sold few copies of my book self-help book, Accept No Trash Talk: Overcoming the Odds.  (Hint! Hint!)
+In my mind, I have received a Master’s Degree in Social Media and Self-Publishing—for a minimal amount of money!
+I met my unbelievably empowering and self-sacrificing mentor, Doris-Marie Heilmann of 111 Publishing. I cannot say enough about this lady, but I’ll try: she has spent hours tutoring me in everything related to blogging, self-publishing, and creating a social media presence.
+I came across Eeva Lancaster, author extraordinaire. She is an unbelievable support to self-published authors through her Google+ community, Alliance of Self-Published Authors. This is a ridiculously nurturing community where members promote each others’ work through posts, tweets, and reviews.

-My clothes washer has been broken for about five weeks.
+I am learning more patience.

-My cars are ancient.
+They still work.

My Conclusion

The list of what’s wrong in my life, perhaps yours as well, is endless. However, the catalogue of blessings is also infinite.

Is your glass half empty or half full?