March 24, 2015

To Miss Katie--Paragon of Love and Fun

I just read Carol Graham’s amazing love letter to her daughter here .  I cried because I was so touched. In fact, I still can’t see straight. Then, I thought, “Hey, wait a minute! What about my daughter? I have a great deal to say about her!” Yes, like most family members, we drive each other crazy at times. That’s why it’s a good idea to take time out and ponder the good points.  I complain about my struggles enough. Now, I’m taking the opportunity to savor something that’s right with my world. So, here goes:

To Caitlin (“Miss Katie” to her parents):

How do I thank God enough for sending me the epitome of intelligence, courtesy, and cuteness? These are only a few of the stunning contrasts that make up “you”:
  • joy, innocence, piercing intellect, and compassion 
  •  genius in math, science, and music. (You enjoy watching TV as well as calculating pi [π] to 30 digits.) 
  •  technology wiz who can cook as well as many professionals

I cannot fail to be grateful for the wondrous young lady who has taught me the value in learning a wide variety of talents, skills, and life lessons:
  • Find the humor in every situation, even the most difficult. 
  • Appreciate what is cute and beautiful in any form. 
  •  Live in the present. 
  •  I will get angry; it’s possible to move quickly beyond that. 
  •  I shouldn’t limit myself to either left-brained or right-brained activities. There are no limits. Nobody but me holds the pen to my life story.

Here’s a salute to you, my wacky, beloved daughter.  You have taught me so much about life—and about myself. I have wanted to absorb little of what you’ve shown me, but I’ve needed to learn all of it. Miss Katie is the stone that makes my rough edges smooth. How does one calculate such a value? One doesn’t; it’s incalculable.

My Conclusion


  1. What a great trend we started -- I hope others pick up on it. What does your daughter want to "be"? Is she going to pursue a career in science/math?

    1. Hi, Carol. She's a sophomore. At this point in time, she wants to be a baker. However, I don't know how that's going to happen since she's gluten intolerant like her brother and myself. There are a number of drawbacks to working in a teeny, hot kitchen with huge egos, too. Who knows what her final decision will be? She's got time...Thanks for commenting!