March 22, 2015

Top Reasons--Every Action Brings a Reaction

I have blogged several times about how our words bring results, good or bad. Now, I would like to write about how every action also has consequences. It's Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We might not see those outcomes immediately; but they eventually come. In this post, I will discuss six choices that brought about happy and sad outcomes.

Positive Choices and Consequences

My Daughter’s Grades
I spend hours helping my daughter with her AP European History and English homework. Therefore, she gets superior marks in those classes.

Household Chores
We share household cleaning assignments in my household.  (I won’t say the tasks are completely equitable because that’s not quite true. My kids should do more.) Our house is pleasant to live in because we all work to keep it tidy.

The Atmosphere of our Home
My family annoys each other to no end—almost constantly. We get angry with each other and want to effect many changes. However, that’s not happening anytime soon. People do not change unless/until they’re ready.  In the meantime, we have chosen to be as kind and understanding as possible. Strife has no place in our home despite our unbelievable burdens. We have made a conscious choice for peace, and we’re staying with it.

Negative Choices and Consequences

The “Incident”
I recently wrote about an occasion when a local young man armed with a BB gun entered school property here . The boy’s only desire was to shoot squirrels. However, because he took a gun on government land, he was arrested. The results include the following:

  • incarceration in a juvenile detention center for at least a month 
  • a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. If he is tried as an adult, the charge will remain on his record forever.
My Friend
Sally is a friend who recently drove while under the influence of alcohol.  She was in a near-fatal crash. She has been in the hospital for about a week with multiple injuries and complications. The crash could have been worse, especially if other people had been involved. However, my friend still has a long road to recovery.

Gluten Intolerance
I chose to eat gluten for most of my life. I was unaware my body was making antibodies to it until about eight years ago. In other words, my body was attacking itself. That’s because gluten intolerance is an autoimmune disease.  The effect of my nutritional choices is severe damage to my intestinal system. I haven’t been able to work in ages.

My Conclusion

What consequences have you seen recently?


  1. Great post, Traci.
    If only all families were willing to commit to the goal your family has set, viz. We have made a conscious choice for peace, and we are staying with it.
    The world would be immediately transformed for the better.
    Kind regards,
    Don De Lene

    1. Thanks so much, Don! In the same manner as everyone, my family has committed to quite a few goals. Peace is our ideal; we try our best. The world would be immediately transformed if we were all empathetic and willing to work well together.