March 21, 2015

Top Ways to Ease Frustration

What is Frustration?

I googled this common word and came up with a few definitions that can be condensed into this short list:
  • A response to opposition 
  • An emotion that occurs when a person is blocked from reaching a desired outcome
It must be impossible to find even one person on Earth who has not felt blocked from achieving their desires at some time. My stress level is through the roof right now because of the many ways in which I am being stopped. What follows are three examples I feel comfortable sharing:
  • After about six weeks, my clothes washer has still not been fixed by my appliance warranty company. They sent out two different uncaring contractors who replaced multiple parts six different times. They are putting off buying us a new washer. I don’t know if the money I’ve spent at the laundromat will ever get repaid. In the meantime, the warranty company has spent more than the cost of a new washer on parts and labor. Hello?! Where is the logic?
  • People who don’t work as hard as I do, including loved ones, seem to get more rewards than I. That number grows daily.
  • I can’t seem to shake the exhaustion and sadness brought about by my chronic illness. According to my timetable, my body should have returned to health years ago. We all learn the hard way God’s timetable is not the same as ours.
Joyce Meyer—

This author and Bible teacher explains frustration as taking the “I’ll be happy when…” attitude. Also, we get anxious when we try to make things happen against God’s will. No matter how hard humans try, God will not be rushed.

How can we be more Longsuffering?

Set your mind for contentment and keep it set.

Be patient.

Joel Osteen—

This renowned pastor imparts a variety of suggestions, including: embrace the place where you are now; see the gift in what you have now; and, let your situation change you. He also advises we realize the following:
  • There’s a blessing and burden for every season of life. 
  • Anxiety isn’t going to make anything happen sooner. 
  • If your dreams are not coming to pass, that’s a test.
The Good News

God helps us.  Pastor Joseph Prince says, “When man is at his end, God is just beginning.” Joel Osteen says God gives us the grace for each season.

We learn patience: Galatians 5: 22-23 labels this important emotion as a fruit of the spirit. Joyce Meyer further states that it can only grow under trial.

My Conclusion

There are many forces and people that seem to be out of our control these days. That’s probably why there are numerous angry or fearful people out there. Yet, negative emotions are not productive; they only promote further stress. On the other hand, if we cultivate longsuffering, our situations may seem less troubling.

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