April 21, 2015

Helping Each Other--a win-win Situation

Family: the source of our greatest joys and sorrows.  Can’t live with ‘em; can’t live without ‘em. In addition, relatives are often our prime supporters and teachers. We may not enjoy all the lessons they teach us. Yet, there’s probably a divine purpose in our being part of the same group.  

Recently, I wrote two blog posts on how my son (here) and daughter (here) have inspired me. This writing will be a continuation of the theme of how we all have the capacity to lift each other up.


My daughter, Caitlin, called me from school late yesterday morning. The school cafeteria had refused to serve her lunch because her account was empty.  She wanted me to bring food to her. Naturally, I complied. I also brought a check for future meals. I’m Caitlin’s mother. The sweet young lady doesn’t have much money, so I helped her. What else could I do?


Caitlin and I differ slightly in our approach to life. She is intelligent and tech savvy. She’s also organized. My daughter is a de-cluttering and planning machine. When she combines her technical and organization skills, the result is worthy of a professional boardroom. Me? Not so much. I’m lucky if I make lists on sticky notes and follow them.

Last night, Caitlin helped me by tutoring me in a program called Trello.  This is software for consolidating and managing tasks. By the time she was finished, I had made four listings of assignments. I will add to them as needed. This is a huge step forward for me!

My Conclusion

Every human being has unique strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we are all capable of serving each other in some capacity. What’s difficult for certain people will be easy for others. We need our fellow man.

What strengths do you have to offer?

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