April 23, 2015

How to Survive Life's Storms

Some situations in life are so tough we wonder how we’ll survive. Catastrophes happen. Unexpected trauma occurs. Many of us also deal with chronic setbacks. For those people, even getting dressed might be a painful challenge; athletics are a pipe dream. Such sufferers aren’t always obvious at first glance; but, they’re out there.


This strong lady has been a friend for years. She has the enduring disease, fibromyalgia. Sandra is in constant pain. It’s difficult for her to sit long. None of the remedies she’s tried has offered her more than temporary relief. Her inability to exercise has been the catalyst to significant weight gain. Sandra doesn’t look sick; she just looks overweight. Yet, she leads a limited lifestyle.

What is the Solution?

Everyone has trials, and many of us deal with life-altering ones. That means we must find strength in a higher power than ourselves: God. He will boost us at all times. With His help, we can resist the darkness.

Bruce Lee

This talented martial artist/actor pushed through many roadblocks. He was born in Hong Kong, and made many successful movies there. Yet, he was initially blocked by prejudice when he tried to become successful in America. He had a thick accent, for one thing. In the early 1970’s, a role he had been promised was recast with an American.  David Carradine landed the role of Caine, a Chinese Shaolin monk, in the TV series, Kung Fu.

An unswerving dedication carried Lee through a variety of stages:

  • Playing Cato in The Green Hornet TV series 
  • Teaching his own form of Kung Fu to celebrities and other students 
  • Starring in blockbuster Hollywood action films

We can Overcome

Eagles do not run around and flap at ground level like chickens. They soar high in the sky, above literal and figurative storms. Tempests mean nothing to them.

My Conclusion

What obstacles have you broken down?

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