May 13, 2015

How we Reap What we Sow

Have you noticed how many people are impulsive these days? They don’t enjoy waiting before speaking or acting. Immediate satisfaction is the goal. Silence, peace, and physical stillness are intimidating to some.

So, what do these individuals do? They speak and act before they consider the wisdom of their speech and action:

Example From my Book

I drive my daughter to and from school every so often. Many people get impatient because the school buses are allowed to exit the parking lot before the cars. In my book, Accept No Trash Talk: Overcoming the Odds, I write about an incident when a driver was incredibly angry while waiting to exit the school grounds. She honked her horn for about five minutes, scowled, and made threatening gestures—with her middle school-aged son seated next to her. This brings up two questions:

What was she teaching her son? 

What was the purpose of her tirade, since it was bound to accomplish nothing? (She wasn’t going to make the traffic move any faster.)

Example from Today

Displeasure was also a major issue when I drove to pick my daughter up at school today. Two drivers seemed to be “screaming” at each other by honking their horns. For at least five minutes, I heard them “exchanging insults”. (One teen would honk, and then the other one would honk.) It was unprecedented! Finally, one of the cars held down the horn for about five minutes.

This is a good time to ask---again—what the drivers hoped to gain. The impatient young motorists probably only confused and angered other people. Needless to say, they did not accomplish their presumed objective of speeding up fellow drivers.


You may never have heard of this zombie apocalypse survival game. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is the poor reputation of the game developers. How did they earn it?

Charging $30 for a game that doesn’t even work well (For two years, they have been unsuccessfully trying to fix it; they’re only making it worse.) 

Arguing and swearing at customers who complain 

The developers of the software have made millions of dollars (for now). However, I predict that they have alienated current customers and lost many future ones due to their inadequate standard of service. Poor choices are leading these individuals to undesirable consequences in the future.

My Conclusion

How are you reaping tomorrow’s rewards through today’s words and actions?

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