June 21, 2015

A Tribute to Fathers

It’s Father’s Day in the U.S. That’s a great opportunity to honor the men who provide, guide, and give us shelter. In this economy, the men of the house are not always the main breadwinner.  However, they usually do their part to contribute to our life skills and comfort.

The Contributions of Fathers

Fathers are a significant influence throughout our entire lives, not just when we’re young. We follow their examples and remember their wisdom. Most likely, we pass on what we learned from them to the next generation.

Most youth consider they have all the answers. They don’t understand that the life experience of their fathers is probably worth more than academic learning or money can provide. Fathers can teach us as much by their failures as by their successes—perhaps more. Yet, try telling that to a teenager!

The good news is that kids don’t need a perfect example to follow. They find their own way eventually. They know how to sort out what works and what doesn’t. Besides, if we insist on following only flawless paragons of virtue, we’ll be up a creek; they don’t exist!

The Father in my Home

My husband is the father in my house. He has been one for over 19 years. What have my kids learned from him?

  • Respect 
  • Faith 
  • Patience 
  • Kindness 
  • The ability to identify and implement necessary changes in every area

My Conclusion

Love and acceptance begin at home. They’re deep in the hearts of the men who gave us birth. They don’t expect perfection; but, they have a right to anticipate respect.

Have you shown respect to your father lately?

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