June 19, 2015

Top Reasons why Patience Pays Off

It would be nice if our futures could be predicted by a simple fortune in a cookie. Write the goal down. Accomplish the objective. Move forward. No muss. No fuss.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always line up with lists, schedules, calendars, organizational apps, corporate objectives, or trite clich├ęs. Reality often gets in the way:
  • Illness sets in. 
  • Other people don’t act according to our desires. 
  • Equipment malfunctions. 
  • Mother Nature throws us a curve ball. 
  • We age. 
  • Unexpected expenses arise.
Impatience Brings Inferior Results.

It’s easy to want to rush advantageous outcomes. We don’t enjoy being slowed down in any way. There are many examples of the ineffectiveness of impulsiveness:
  • Motorists who are in a hurry may run red lights, or cut people off, and cause accidents.
  • I am in the process of setting up my first website. My daughter and I spent hours putting it together. However, it still wasn’t up to a professional standard. Frankly, we aren’t experts. My multi-talented friend, Eeva Lancaster, is currently redesigning it to her own flawless standards. 
  • Recovery from my lifelong illness has taken years. I have still not fully recuperated. There’s no speeding up nature, in many cases. For about three years, I tried to speed the process up in my own way. That was a huge waste of time and money.
Good Things Come to Those who Wait.

This is not merely a cute saying. It’s a life truth borne out by the facts. Most worthwhile goals require time. Nothing happens overnight.

This dog will eventually be able to eat his bone.

People who exercise regularly will increase their strength.

Most seeds, if planted correctly, will grow as expected. However, they will mature at their own pace.

In the manner of most individuals, I dated a variety of people over a number of years. Finally, I met my husband. He was a literal soul mate. He was the missing part of me that I didn’t even know was missing. Should I have rushed my love life and settled for second best?

My Conclusion

What beautiful fruits has patience brought to you?

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