June 4, 2016

The Healing Power of Love

What needs to be healed in all of us?  Do you agree that we all need help? I’m not talking only about physical or mental limitations. I am talking about that crippling prison of deep, abiding fear that is promoted everywhere. Call it anger, bitterness, racism, or rage. Put any fancy, new label on it you like. The root of all of these negative characteristics is fear, plain and simple.

If we allow it, we will give in to the fear of losing…
  • Various freedoms
  • Our comfortable lifestyle
  • The basic necessities of life
  • Our loved ones
  • Our money
  • Our individual or cultural identity

What is the antidote to paralyzing fear? Love.1 John 4:18 tells us that perfect love casts out all fear. The most appropriate reaction to fear is not more fear--or anger--but love. How do we find the strength to react in such a difficult and unexpected way?  We model our personality after God’s character.

I have been blessed to have friends and supporters who are continually bringing me fresh wisdom. Some of it is their knowledge, won through hard years of experience. Some of it is found online. In this article, I will feature the profound words of online friend, Little John as he typed them. For the sake of clarity and conciseness, I have added headings and left out some of the original text:

God is absolute love.

The overall plot and theme of the book (the Bible) is of an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-aware and all-present supernatural, eternal Deity of absolute love, who created us for our mutual pleasure and delight, so that His [super]nature of love can be present within us, (and) flow through us as His blood vessels.

God’s love deepens our wisdom.

When you experience God’s presence in absolute reality, then you know the absolute way and the absolute life. God is the God of absolute love. God takes the knowledge you have and builds up understanding upon it. God (love) will take you on many rocky paths to help gain understanding.

The pursuit of understanding is wisdom and it is only after we take the understanding “to heart” will it develop into wisdom. God (love) will take to to great depths and apply much pressure, to transform your understanding into pearls of wisdom.

“We must go through many tribulations in order to enter the kingdom of God.”—Acts 14:22

God’s love is in each of us.

After you know and understand who, what and why eternal love (God) is and that you will never know how He came to be, you see that true love gave us free will for one purpose only, so that we will surrender to the impulse and inspiration (will) of love within us.

Love heals all.

The power of absolute love is that it can heal all wounds (including broken hearts.)  It has the power over all atoms, particles and molecules, to supernaturally provide…if it is a heartfelt desire of true love (God.)

We have God’s character.

When God bestows the glorious, supernatural spirit of true love’s presence, His true nature and characteristics in absolute holiness (the Holy Ghost), upon you with absolute peacefulness, absolute humility, absolute graciousness and gracefulness, He gives you all the virtues, which are the characteristics of His love and makes them your character, by making them all absolutely heartfelt. Thus you are made in the image of the absolute virtuousness (righteousness) of God’s love.

He is the absolute, true eternal [super]nature, of a love that is beyond your wildest imagination and anyone’s ability to ever comprehend. His all-powerful, unrelenting, unreserved, unadulterated, majestic love, that fills you to overflowing and literally overwhelms your senses.

My Conclusion

The antidote to the pervasive fear in the world is to give and receive the amazing love of Christ. Spiritual light is the only way to chase away spiritual darkness, the same as in the physical world.

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