July 14, 2016

Breaking Through the Cage of Negativity: 1 Example

Do you struggle the most with anger or fear?  Deep down, each of us struggles with at least one of these traumatizing emotions, and either of them can and will take us out of peace. If someone grew up in a household full of strife and anger, they are likely to pass that on. If a person has been faced with many unpleasant situations, he may be used to living in continual fear.

I know I’m not the only one who seems to be faced with constant trials. If I allowed my feelings to rule my life, I would be a mental and physical wreck. In other words, I can’t allow the storm that’s pressing against me to completely take me over.

The Good News

What helps us to stay calm? We can remember that, while the world is often not a place of justice, God is fair. He evens out ridiculous odds in His own time. We want life to happen quickly, but God works on a slower, eternal timetable. He is working, even though his divine pace may not correspond to our microwave-fast food, friendships, loyalty, news, and whatever else.

Quotes from Joyce Meyer

“Just because we aren’t feeling anything doesn’t mean God isn’t doing anything.”
“Resisting the devil is NOT getting rid of your problems; it’s not acting like the devil when you have the problems” (emphasis mine)
“Love is spiritual warfare.”

William Bradford and the Separatists

These people are often misnamed as Puritans. They were one of the pioneering groups of America. They had a lifetime of excellent reasons to cultivate fear and anger. In fact, they had a constant, present justification for being paralyzed by negativity. That’s why it’s so amazing they refused to let their feelings hold them back in any way. These original settlers of New England, in what became the state of Massachusetts, suffered these things:
  • Persecution
  • Near disaster at sea
  • Weather extremes
  • Friction with the natives
  • Illness
  • Death
  • Poverty
  • Drought and starvation
  • Leaving their homes for an unknown wilderness

Yes, they suffered greatly, but they survived against all expectations. That’s probably because they refused to allow justified bitterness to overtake them. How did they see a return for their efforts? How were their trials vindicated?
  • Sickness and death of some persecutors
  • Success of America as a country against all expectations

My Conclusion

“He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.”—Proverbs 16:32 (KJV)

If we allow ourselves to be overcome by negative feelings, we will miss the best opportunities in life. Not all of us are meant to discover new lands or break through other huge barriers. However, each person has a part to play in making his part of the world a better place. 

Even though we might not think our lives are moving forward, God is working in the background. Contrary to natural evidence, we are being led to victories--maybe years or decades in the future. Can you be patient? I can! I don’t have a choice.

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Are you believing for future successes?

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